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Technological Innovations: The Latest in 3D Printing and the Importance of being Informed

You may be wondering, what is all the “hoopla” about the recent rise in 3-Dimensional Printing? Summed up into one sentence, 3D Printing is a form of technology that enhances three-dimensional solid objects into a digital file to then be copied for later transfiguration. What is unique about these printers is the use of filament in developing the wide variety of items produced in this industry-and that is where Triptech Plastics comes in.

This industry has the power to eventually reinvent the manufacturing economy in Youngstown and its surrounding areas in the Northeast Ohio region. The technological advancements made down at the Youngstown Business Incubator within the 3D printing world are making a name for this region, as well as developing a perpetual market for future investments. The filament warehouse that sells to schools and businesses with access to a 3D printer is located off of Market Street in Youngstown, OH.

The latest and greatest innovations in 3D Printing, however funky this may be to wrap your mind around, is a hybrid robot- complete with body parts that were printed from a rather novel source: sea slugs. This may be one of the most eccentric prints yet by a 3D printer, but however odd it may be it sure is interesting. Not to mention time saving! The amount of time it would have taken to manually construct a hybrid robot far surpasses the time it would take to print one- less than one hour to construct with 3D printed parts.

Other equally fascinating 3D printed objects include parts for a car, prosthetic body parts, and replacement pieces for machinery that is out of date, and more. This industry has made incredible strides in recent years, and will continue to do so as more universities and businesses make the commitment to purchase or rent a 3D printer. Right in our own backyard we are saving money and time, two priceless resources in our society today.