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Athiri 1800

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Made using Eastman Amphora 3D polymer AM1800. Athiri 1800 is a premium polymer offering easy processing, excellent strength and workability features, is dimensionally stabile with enhanced aesthetics. It is compliant with certain FDA regulations for food contact applications. The most impressive features are that it is styrene-free, BPA-free, with low toxicity making it ideal for classroom and research environments.
• Net weight: 2.2 lb. (1 kg); and 1 lb. spools (1/2 kg)
• Available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm; tolerance: +0.00” / -0.01”
• 100% made in USA

**For a $5.00 sample of this product, please select “Sample Color” and “Sample Weight”.

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Our Athiri 1800 filament is made using high quality Eastman Amphora™ 3D Polymer and allowing you to produce 3D printed parts in a safe way. Made with consistency in mind, Athiri 1800 uses virgin Eastman Amphora™ resin in order to give you the best printing experience. You will also be able to create items that are more functional, durable, efficient, and attractive.
Eastman Amphora ™ is a low-odor, styrene-free choice that is uniquely suited for 3D printing applications. Some other key features are dimension stability, ease of processing, and property retention in 3D printing applications.
Along with the white, red, and black we also offer custom colors to better help you make your vision a reality with creations that exhibit superior toughness and is aesthetically pleasing.
Athiri 1800 with Eastman Amphora™ also complies with certain U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for food contact applications. That means, with Amphora™, you’ll be able to make things you can’t with other materials.
To learn more about Athiri 1800 made with Eastman Amphora™ 3D Polymer call us at 844.870.9986 or fill out our contact form.

Additional information

Athiri Filament Color

Black, Blue, Red, White, Sample Color


1 Kilo, 1/2 Kilo, Sample Weight


1.75mm, 2.85mm

1 review for Athiri 1800

  1. dpotter5645

    I’m using a fusion3 f410 printer. .4mm nozzle, 65 bed temp, 250 extruder temp, 30mm/sec print speed. .2mm layer. I’m using the carbon filled filament. This stuff is awesome. The parts are producing matte black texture that is better than any I’ve seen on any of my other parts. The dimensions are matching my models within +/-.005 for parts that are 4″ long. No warp or twist. The supports break off clean. This going to be my go to filament for functional good looking parts.

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